Albuququerque Worst Attorneys

MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

Barbara Buck

“Barbara claims to help elderly clients yet she is quite the opposite when it comes to protecting elderly folks. She is in the business for the money and is quite manipulative. Her practice is quite disappointing.” – Jerry B via Ratings

“Barbara Buck, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been one of the worst cases of misrepresentation that we have experienced as a family. She is combative, rude, manipulative, and dishonest. I wish we never crossed paths with this woman. There is a dark dark dark place in hell waiting for her.” – Todd P

Barbara Buck is one of the most incompetent non-professionals associated with the legal system in Albuquerque. If she can do it, anyone can do it. Anyone could get a job and finish school if you have lips as lush and slippery as hers. Not having a gag reflex is possibly one of the most inspiring feature that she has that, she too proclaims personally, that has helped her climbs the trousers…oops!…I mean ranks in her field. Barbara is one of the best attorneys in Albuquerque but it isn’t at practicing the law.

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