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MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

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Darryl Millet with History of “Assault & Battery” Appointed as Elder Trustee   from case lookup on old cases. Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court STATE OF NEW MEXICO VS. MILLET DARRYL WAYNE — Case Details — . Case#: CR699184 Defendant: MILLET DARRYL WAYNE Aka(s): Filed: 05/25/1984 Judge/Division: 2-Robert L. Thompson Status: Closed Def. Seq.#: 1 Age: 32 Year of Birth: 1951 Case Type: CR-Misd Status: Closed […]

Epidemic Pilfering of the Senior citizens Estates in New Mexico

Seniors of Abq. now have a VOICE.  Citizens in the elderly community have just been warned about the epidemic encroaching on their retirement accounts in a Trust or Estate in the ABQ Journal series written by home grown native ABQ Journalist Diane Dimond.  Diane writes about Elder Abuse and Exploitation all over the Country and […]

Legislature implemented to rein in Guardianship’s and Trustee “Industry”

New Mexico desperately needs OVERSIGHT over these court appointed Predators that continually keep the referral and collusion alive in the Probate courts.  Judges are in on it.  They see the same players in the same cases and refuse to acknowledge this as these are the Attorneys that fund their campaigns when they are up for […]

Elder financial abuse is the crime of the 21st century, and it is rampant,”

http://Elder financial abuse is the crime of the 21st century, and it is rampant,” The Department of Elder Affairs oversees public guardians for people without money. But when “wards” have assets, professional guardians are appointed, and they are not regulated. Detert said the industry in Florida has grown from 23 registered professional guardians in 2003 […]

Darryl Millet breaks the law when he closes your estate. ABQ WORST ATTY

Darryl Millet Trustee, appointed by Judges in ABQ, NM. breaks the law, AGAIN. Forces family’s  to sign a Release of Liability before he signs over your family inheritance.  He knows he is guilty of malfeasance, and is in violation of “NMSA Distribution Upon Termination” which states its illegal to ask clients to sign Waivers of […]

Elder law attorney charged with financial elder abuse

A Sacramento attorney whose website extols his expertise in “championing the elderly and ensuring they are not taken advantage of” was arraigned Thursday on felony charges of financial elder abuse, grand theft and securities fraud. Attorney Delbert Joe Modlin, 63, who was being held on $500,000 bail since his arrest Tuesday, agreed to stop practicing […]

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