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MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

Category: Estate “Who”s-guarding-the-guardians?

 Greedy  Guardianship Attorneys Strike  AGAIN!!!   Fire the Judge!! Attorneys on June 21 rushed to remove Desert State Life Management trust company as conservator for a 65-year-old developmentally disabled woman living in Albuquerque. But, a new lawsuit alleges, the looting of a $600,000 trust fund she and three other disabled women relied upon to live […]

Meetings:”Victims of Skilled Predators: Atty’s stealing from Elderly”

Justice is Blind  or your Judge IS

Supreme Court Appointed Panel of New Mexico Guardianship Study Commission hearing: To be held:   September 22nd, 2017 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Albuquerque , NM location TBA CONTACT: “JOEY MOYA.”   505-827-4800   For locations of future meetings. 505=827-4860;  505-827-3899;   505-827-7967   505-670-2656 Neil Bell:  email: Patricia Galinda: co-chair.   Retired Judge Wendy York  […]

Nevada: KTNV indictments against Attorney Graham for stealing 13 mil clients money

Nevada: KTNV reports on indictments against Attorney Graham Nevada attorney indicted on theft and exploitation charges KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas This is a public awareness site.  Elder Financial Fraud is EPIDEMIC! in every state and needs strong coalitions to get your state to write Legislature  of OVERSIGHT for all attorneys, Judges and professionals in […]

Darryl Millet with History of “Assault & Battery” Appointed as Elder Trustee

millet-400x294   from case lookup on old cases. Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court STATE OF NEW MEXICO VS. MILLET DARRYL WAYNE — Case Details — . Case#: CR699184 Defendant: MILLET DARRYL WAYNE Aka(s): Filed: 05/25/1984 Judge/Division: 2-Robert L. Thompson Status: Closed Def. Seq.#: 1 Age: 32 Year of Birth: 1951 Case Type: CR-Misd Status: Closed […]

Elder financial abuse is the crime of the 21st century, and it is rampant,”

Legislature takes steps to rein in guardians ‘Some predators in this field have created their own cottage industry and are . . . taking advantage of the elderly’!OpenDocument When an 89-year-old woman’s daughter called the abuse hotline with the magic words, “I think my sister should be guilty of elder abuse,” the system lurched […]

Epidemic Pilfering of the Senior citizens Estates in New Mexico

Seniors of Abq. now have a VOICE.  Citizens in the elderly community have just been warned about the epidemic encroaching on their retirement accounts in a Trust or Estate in the ABQ Journal series written by home grown native ABQ Journalist Diane Dimond.  Diane writes about Elder Abuse and Exploitation all over the Country and […]

Legislature implemented to rein in Guardianship’s and Trustee “Industry”

New Mexico desperately needs OVERSIGHT over these court appointed Predators that continually keep the referral and collusion alive in the Probate courts.  Judges are in on it.  They see the same players in the same cases and refuse to acknowledge this as these are the Attorneys that fund their campaigns when they are up for […]

Elder financial abuse is the crime of the 21st century, and it is rampant,”

http://Elder financial abuse is the crime of the 21st century, and it is rampant,” The Department of Elder Affairs oversees public guardians for people without money. But when “wards” have assets, professional guardians are appointed, and they are not regulated. Detert said the industry in Florida has grown from 23 registered professional guardians in 2003 […]

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