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MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

Category: Judges Lack Oversight of Appointed Predators “Who”s-guarding-the-guardians?

 Greedy  Guardianship Attorneys Strike  AGAIN!!!   Fire the Judge!! Attorneys on June 21 rushed to remove Desert State Life Management trust company as conservator for a 65-year-old developmentally disabled woman living in Albuquerque. But, a new lawsuit alleges, the looting of a $600,000 trust fund she and three other disabled women relied upon to live […]

Meetings:”Victims of Skilled Predators: Atty’s stealing from Elderly”

Justice is Blind  or your Judge IS

Supreme Court Appointed Panel of New Mexico Guardianship Study Commission hearing: To be held:   September 22nd, 2017 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Albuquerque , NM location TBA CONTACT: “JOEY MOYA.”   505-827-4800   For locations of future meetings. 505=827-4860;  505-827-3899;   505-827-7967   505-670-2656 Neil Bell:  email: Patricia Galinda: co-chair.   Retired Judge Wendy York  […]

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