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MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

Meetings:”Victims of Skilled Predators: Atty’s stealing from Elderly”

Supreme Court Appointed Panel of New Mexico Guardianship Study Commission hearing: To be held:


September 22nd, 2017
8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Albuquerque , NM location TBA

CONTACT: “JOEY MOYA.”   505-827-4800   For locations of future meetings.

505=827-4860;  505-827-3899;   505-827-7967   505-670-2656

Neil Bell:  email:

Patricia Galinda: co-chair.   Retired Judge Wendy York  Chairman

Public comment will begin at approximately 9am and go to approximately
12:00pm. Lunch 12-00-1:00.  1:00-4:00  Victims of Guardianship Abuse and Misc/Public Comments

If you want your property to be correctly given to the heirs in your Will,  as well as maintain control over you Estate,  in the event you are incapacitated; you owe it to yourself & loved ones to attend these meetings to make sure the  NM State Supreme Court Appointed Commission doesn’t  ignore the deplorable situation of lack of Judicial Oversight of court appointed guardianship appointees;  who bilk and abuse elderly Estates that plagues New Mexico’s District Courts & elder residents..

If you can’t attend then you can write your comments to the Commission via a submission form on this site: 
that Commission reads, or

Abuse the Vulnerable


Code of Conduct

Judicial Integrity

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  1. Solutions:

    Guardianships should be a last resort in any event.

    Any court appointee should have to carry a bond 2xs the amount of the Estate they are administering. (Even your plumber has to be bonded. Why would these Attys committing crimes not have to be bonded and have liability insurance.)

    The forefront problem of this is the JUDGES!

    Jail the Judges who are not overseeing the bilking of Estates by the people they appointed and incarcerate the Attorneys who commit crimes like Racketeering, Self Dealing, Barrartry,
    unjust enrichment. We would all be in the Federal Pen for life if we committed one of these crimes.


    NM SUPREME COURT JUSTICE CHARLES DANIELS SAT A PANEL OF (16) who comprise of 3 JUDGES, GAELLE McConnell,atty, is one of the attys involved in bilking/padding bills, (charged one estate 5k for a 30 minute session).
    Senator Ortiz Y Pino, told the ABQ Journal OP-ED: “We Are Faking it” NM…is that who you want to be your SENATOR? He is part of the problem. Stating he sits a Task Force of Attys to investigate the Guardianship abuser attorneys, and says they go BALLISTIC. Then stops. Thats your hard working Senator, bails at first resistance. OUST THEM ALL! Get a real panel of lay persons who dont need to be lawyers to see they are looting Estates of elderly peoples Retirement accounts and emtyping life long savings. FOUL!!!

    One GREAT morsel. Darryl Millet states on his webiste he is out of the Guardianship business. Right… He jumps into one of his other 51 companies including REAL ESTATE that he will steal from. Greg MacKenzie throws him the business and he sells it for bargain basement price and then re-sells it for double (the real market value). With a life long friend Realtor, Linda McCreary, who sold all his properties of Guardianships he was controlling. Estates sold as distressed properties because he violated the law and didnt maintain them when as required by NMSA that a Trustee/Conservator cannot deteriorate Trust property. Judges aware of this, proof filed in Petitions and Judge Brickhouse and Judge Nash refuse to Sanction any of their appointees, as that would make them as state employees accountable for the liabilities they incurred.

    What a 3 ring circus. More like what a colluded group of crooks. Dockets show same people in same cases. Coincidence, lol, I think NOT!!

    CLEAR THE BENCH OF JUDGES who appoint these people to have them fund their re-election campaign.

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