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MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

Darryl Millet breaks the law when he closes your estate. ABQ WORST ATTY

Darryl Millet Trustee, appointed by Judges in ABQ, NM. breaks the law, AGAIN. Forces family’s  to sign a Release of Liability before he signs over your family inheritance.  He knows he is guilty of malfeasance, and is in violation of “NMSA Distribution Upon Termination” which states its illegal to ask clients to sign Waivers of Release by Trustees, Attorneys, Guardians holding them hostage and dragging out the distribution for years, or until your Trust is empty.  This is what Darryl Millet is known for by every client he has and is part of the colluded Probate players protected by the Probate Judges.

If your family is a victim in this Predatory behavior predominately in New Mexico but a systemic problem all over the US.  WE have been fighting with the Florida Courts and now have a force to be beckoned with, Legislature that is implementing strong Oversight laws, against these Guardianships and Attorney Self dealing behavior.  Illegal and Unethical behavior everyday in ABQ courts.

Its hard getting the attention of your state agencies; so I encourage you to seek out Federal governing agencies.

Find them on FB:  Guardianship Whistleblowers;  Boomers Against Elder Abuse,  F.A.C.E.U.S., search Elder abuse, Guardianship, etc.  the site is full as the Predatory behavior is  epidemic.

Protect your family, stay united and stay away from attorneys and you must all get along or the courts will be happy to come in and take over ALL your lives and turn upside down.  They win by dividing your family, so mediate amongst yourselves and dont conttact attorneys who will throw you into a Gruadianship they will all grease  their palms until your broke.

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