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MIllet is the worst predator of them all !!

Guardianship Abuse in ABQ, Diane Dimond

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  1. Millet is known for bilking the elderly, making false accusations @ family members, looting Trysts from RC Gorman to every family he paid his friends to get him appointed to. Darryl is an abrasive, acoustic, bully that threatens clients, disinherits them. Drags out case to bilk unjustly by falsely accusing family of actions not done & Judges don’t hold him accountable. There is not one family Millet has represented that wasn’t financially raped and property wasn’t sold below Mkt value, usually to a colleague & by his friend a realtor “Linda McCreary”.

    1. The group of colluded lawyers who grease the wheels/palms of the probate industry have kept the Judges who appoint them on the bench since we find their campaigns. It has taken yrs to build this network of the most corrupt colluded parasites on a petri dish.

      ABQ residents are flocking their elderly out of NM to protect their estates from Darryl Millet, Greg MacKenzie, Dan Pick, Patrick Westerfield, Barbara Buck, Vanessa DeNiro, Ruth Prezenger, the list is long.

      Hector Balderas, AG; has a approved and appointed free audits for victims of Senior Exploitation and Fraud. If you have a Probate or Estate Planning Atty, chances are great you are a victim.
      The NM State Auditors office at file complaint onliine; (Shawn Beck) can Audit, subpoena, and file charges if wrong doing is done.

      contact the state auditors office for further information.

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