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Commission: guardianship dockets to be posted online

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A commission appointed by the New Mexico Supreme Court to study the state’s system of adult guardianship’s voted Friday to make certain that docket sheets are posted on a public website.

Dockets, which provide basic information about guardianship cases, filed in state court are scheduled to appear on the court’s official website,, starting May 23 under on ongoing court effort to streamline online case files.

The New Mexico Adult Guardianship Study Commission on Friday voted to have its chairwoman, former District Judge Wendy York, write a letter to the court asking that the records access changes be made a priority if the implementation doesn’t happen as scheduled.

Most records, reports and evidence are confidential under state law in cases where a petition is filed with the court seeking guardianship for an allegedly incapacitated person.

But certain records are supposed to be public under state law, including the docket sheet, the person’s name and the duration of the guardianship, according to state law.

York said some court clerks have withheld that information. Posting the information online will help ensure that people throughout the state can learn basic information about a guardianship petition, including the name of the presiding judge.

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